Publishes Info-Graphic Illustrating Six of the Most Common Reasons for Not Owning Life Insurance

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 22, 2014, a service which allows consumers to instantly view and compare life insurance quotes online, is today publishing an info-graphic which displays six of the most common excuses for not owning life insurance. “If I told you that tomorrow your car was not insured for one day, would you drive it? The typical middle-class person will say no. The same person will very often live for decades without life insurance simply because they assume that there is no immediate risk. Many of these individuals have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debts, children to care for, and in many cases a spouse who would likely go bankrupt if their household lost an income. Life insurance is very simple, generally extremely cost effective, but if structured properly, it can be made to guarantee that whatever is paid into it will be a mere fraction of what is received by the beneficiaries regardless of how long you live. People may be reluctant to finally buy life insurance, but once they own it, they’re reluctant to ever part with it,” said Eric Smith, the founder of

The info-graphic is located here:’s future plans include a viral Tumblr info-graphic campaign showing consumers how to utilize indexed universal life insurance to guarantee their millionaire status upon retirement and to save on taxes in the process.

Consumers interested in instantly comparing rates for permanent or term life insurance are encouraged to visit, or call 888.374.2764.

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