Wonder Boy creators Westone filing for bankruptcy | 8-Bit Eric

The studio behind the Wonderboy series might be going out of business soon. This is sad news, since the Monsterland and Adventure Island series have been a staple of gaming for decades. http://ww.

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23 thoughts on “Wonder Boy creators Westone filing for bankruptcy | 8-Bit Eric

  1. I didn’t grow up with Sega but the reason I finally did get a master system
    a couple of years ago is because of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap. I
    found the game at a local store and bought it before I even had the system.
    Also the original Wonder Boy on SMS as well as the SG-1000 version I like.
    There was no chance of Wonder Boy or Master Higgins in Super Smash, but I
    wish somehow they could’ve squeezed ’em in

  2. they didnt believe in their IP nor try hard to push it or sell it . without
    supporting their beloved characters they slowly sunk their own ship.

  3. What a shame….I actually have Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Unfortunately,
    I don’t have a Master System..

  4. Thats sucks
    I grow up with the c64 and Master System Version and it is still today one
    of the best series ever for me

  5. Such a shame. The last Westone release I can remember was Willy Wombat on
    the Sega Saturn which was great, but they have been quiet for along time in
    the game industry. Why does Sega bury its franchises? A 3DS update of
    Wonder Boy/Monster World would have been awesome especially if it was
    handled by Westone. We need to Kickstart this one!

  6. that for sure sucks, as I also remember playing Wonder Boy on my cousin’s
    Master system as a kid, as me and my sister would stay with him from time
    to time when my father went out of town for work, and it was always a treat
    too get to play the Master System, and early Genesis games at his place, as
    all I had at the time far as a console was an NES, as my C64, and Apple IIe
    where getting long in the tooth at that point, so yeah the more I think
    about it, it is a bit sad indeed, but that is the nature of gaming, either
    keep up, innovate, and give the players games they want too play, or go

  7. That sucks, Wonder Boy one of my favourite childhood game series.Played the
    hell out of those games on the MS, Genesis, and Turbografx.

  8. That really sucks 🙁 On of the most underrated game series and one of the
    reasons for me to buy a Mega Drive back in the days. Thanks for sharing the
    news – even it’s bad news.

  9. that sucks ass..im one of those who grew up with sega master system,
    genesis, tg16, nes and snes..it would have been nice to see a Decent good
    remake of monsterland and or dragon’s trap like we got ducktales ect…hope
    we can at least find cheap copies at gamestop’s used digital isle…haha

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    into Robber Sheer. The government grants the trustee’s license to you so
    that you can go around the country to fool the honorable Canadian citizens.
    You are indeed a butcher of all debtors.

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