Will 0% interest credit card deals lure many into debt?
According to Sainsbury's Bank the most popular big ticket purchases on a credit card are home improvements (69%), holidays (28%), technology (18%), white goods (10%), furniture (11%), and even cars (4%). … with a 0% interest card. Simon Ranson, head …
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Debt weighs heavily on those trying to rise from poverty
But that has not been not enough to surmount what Brown believes are the greatest barriers to her employment: the $ 20,000 in credit card debt she ran up while out of work several years ago and her damaged credit report. … low-income families and …
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Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Building Wealth to Bolster Your Retirement
… to accomplish three very important tasks. First, he said you must pay off all your credit card debt. Even if you're a one-in-a-million investor, it won't matter if your gains are getting wiped out by credit card debt that carries near loan shark …
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