Why Marketplace Lenders May Snuff Out Credit Cards
These factors combined mean that borrowers can receive dramatically lower interest rates. Lending Club has disclosed that when they refinance credit card debt, the average Lending Club interest rate is 31% cheaper than the rate on the original credit card.
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Everyday Cheapskate: Refinancing creditcard debt can get tricky
You may want to take a look at a new e-book I have just written and made available at DebtProofLiving.com, "The Complete Guide to Refinance Your Credit-Card Debt." It will answer all your questions, help you figure out which P2P lenders are reputable, …
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Paying-off the wrong credit card is costly
Research by UTS Sydney academic, François Carrillat, with international collaborators, finds card holders with more than one credit card tend to pay off the debt they can pay off entirely or substantially first, even though they have debts on other …
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