Question by john l: why do we pay the extras airlines add on?
If I go and buy anything from my daily bread to the bed I order so I can sleep in reasonable comfort the price is shown. Then I make a decision whether or not to buy.
All is well, I can not remember the latin phrase but it means buyer beware. In other words once we have bought something sold in good faith we are stuck with it.
However airline (who sell in good faith!!!!!) are able to change the playing field. (usually after you have paid a deposit, if not the whole amount. During this time the have use of your money, and do they use. They are experts on the money market. Of course that is there money, no qualms that the are using our money. Well we can do nothing about it (can we???).
When they put a fuel surcharge because of the increase in oil prices, they forget they have been into the commodity markets and hedged against price increases. How can they loose short term. OK next year they should increase prices if they can, but no they have a fuel surcharge. THEY KID NO ONE. HELP

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