Why Debt Relief Won't Solve Greece's Problems
Greece will not get very far out of its present morass without coming to grips with how it got there. The country provides a textbook example of a flawed economic system. The public sector is notorious for its corporatist practice of clientelism to …
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Puerto Rican debt crisis hits Congress
Earlier this week, Puerto Rico's governor declared that the nation's $ 72 billion pile of debt was too much for it to handle. To avoid a “death spiral,” Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said the commonwealth would have to break its promise to pay back some …
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Everything you should know about Puerto Rico's debt crisis
Puerto Rico's financial crisis has been well-documented over the last few weeks, but a new report in the Washington Post sheds light on how Congress may have played a role in the fiscal troubles being felt in the U.S. commonwealth. Michael Fletcher of …
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