Why Debt Relief Won't Solve Greece's Problems

Why Debt Relief Won't Solve Greece's Problems
Greece will not get very far out of its present morass without coming to grips with how it got there. The country provides a textbook example of a flawed economic system. The public sector is notorious for its corporatist practice of clientelism to …
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Puerto Rican debt crisis hits Congress
Earlier this week, Puerto Rico's governor declared that the nation's $ 72 billion pile of debt was too much for it to handle. To avoid a “death spiral,” Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said the commonwealth would have to break its promise to pay back some …
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Everything you should know about Puerto Rico's debt crisis
Puerto Rico's financial crisis has been well-documented over the last few weeks, but a new report in the Washington Post sheds light on how Congress may have played a role in the fiscal troubles being felt in the U.S. commonwealth. Michael Fletcher of …
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