Reigate, Surrey (PRWEB UK) 12 July 2013

The need for such a service was echoed by the financial status of Britons – as the economic recovery stalls, many people are finding themselves struggling with debt. Although recent figures from the Insolvency Service suggest that the amount of personal insolvencies has decreased, it may mask the number of those seeking alternative debt solutions as they can’t afford to go bankrupt.

Chief executive officer of Jellyfish, Rob Pierre, agrees that the changing financial demands of the public should be mirrored in what services are available, hence the re-launch of the homepage. Rob says:

“As the UK continues to make a rather sluggish recovery from recession and wages stagnate, it is no wonder that so many people find themselves struggling financially. Therefore, we have launched this online service to help those burdened with overwhelming debt to seek honest help from professionals that can offer genuine solutions to rectify their situation.”

What’s changed? still continues to provide the same services as before; offering referrals to UK based experts to gain initial advice free from upfront fees that is carefully tailored to each individual’s specific situation. However, the new homepage also now provides customers with more in-depth information and a wider range of services.

A key feature of the homepage is the 60 second debt test that allows customers to quickly enter the details regarding their personal financial circumstances to find out what type of debt solution may suit them best. They can then seek professional and honest advice by contacting’s expert partners to efficiently assess what course of action is best.

An example case from partner Baines & Ernst featured on the homepage also gives a breakdown of how much someone could potentially save by selecting an IVA as their solution to help clear debt.

Stories from real customers have now been added to the new homepage too, to give potential customers honest feedback on the services that and their partners provide, and an insight into how their particular case may be handled.

Using the service

Now with a more extensive homepage (at, seeking a pathway to professional debt advice has never been easier.

As well as features on the actual website itself, customers can also access services via telephone, the free-phone number for which is advertised on the homepage. The opening times for the helpline are:

8am – 9pm Monday to Friday

9am – 5pm Saturday

10am – 4pm Sunday

These services are available to anyone facing issues with debt, and are dedicated to ensure that all customers receive the appropriate help to resolve their debt problems. More at:

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