Rochester, NY (PRWEB) December 9, 2010

There are no easy cures for America’s federal debt crisis. A new study looks at 10 strategies advocated by politicians and special interest groups from across the political spectrum. Everything from ending the Bush Tax Cuts to cutting government bureaucracy by 33% was analyzed to test its impact on the Federal Debt. The key findings show that none of these strategies will reverse the unprecedented growth in debt that America will experience if it continues on its current path. The findings have been released in a Free Report available at

While the fate of the Bush Tax Cuts has been garnering much of the attention lately, they have only a minor impact on a very large and growing problem, said K L Pond, senior analyst for Real Data Doesnt Lie. Thats because the Federal Government is on the path to add over $ 32 Trillion to the Debt by 2030 even if all of the Bush Tax Cuts had been allowed to expire at the end of this year.

Real Data Doesnt Lie analyzes the data behind topics of public interest to create Real Data Graphics which combine images with text and data to deliver a clear, persuasive, and memorable message.

We started to analyze the Governments own long term projections of budget deficits and of the Federal Debt to create a new portfolio of products, explained Pond. The deeper we dug into the data, the more concerned we became. We decided we had an responsibility to share what we learned with the public in a format that is concise, visual, and easy to understand.

The resulting report What They Wont Tell You About Americas Federal Debt Crisis includes a look at the history of US Federal Debt, an explanation of the unprecedented growth in debt that America will experience if it continues on its current path, an analysis of the impact of 10 possible remedies to the problem that are advocated by various special interest groups, a yardstick the average American can use to judge the validity of any plan purported to meaningfully address the debt crisis, and the 3 simple rules the Federal Government must follow to secure Americas economic future.

Spending reduction strategies evaluated: