6 thoughts on “What is the unemployment rate?

  1. The problem is everything is made elsewhere. Go to Walmart or any store and
    to find something made in America. Pretty hard to do. I think as a nation
    we can make our own clothes, shoes,TV’s, ect.

  2. how to calculate the unemployment rate in a country? is it unemployed
    divided by employed times 100%? i’m not sure of the calculation..

  3. When we say “Made In America” now, it’s a joke. It usually means the parts
    come from China and Japan and final assembly is done here. Foreign-owned
    companies contribute to our GDP, but the profit goes overseas. It’s a long
    road back to the point where we can make our own televisions and computers
    and clothes. But you’re right – it’s a road we need to be on.

  4. 8.1 % unemployment decrease to 7.8% is without a doubt the best one thirty
    day period bounce in job creation in 30 years. The last period there had
    been a jump just like this the economy was in fact increasing around 9.2%.
    Right at this moment, it is actually 1.3%. Right now there were 114,000 job
    opportunities created last 30 day period. It would need approximately one
    million positions in order to really fall down as much as we did last month.

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