Question by Simone: what do Americans do for health care?
I’m from England but i heard an American on about not being able to afford their care when they got an ambulance and i couldn’t believe it, what would happen if a person had cancer, or a brain tumor? do they have to pay for everything :O !?
What do you mean Patrick? Of course a random person won’t pay your health care..? I don’t know where you’re going with that one.

So do Americans pay tax? or is that the reason England has free health care?
omg I can’t believe that Sally 🙁 it makes me sad, why doesn’t he just have it like England, if we go into hospital and they still think there’s something wrong they won’t let you go, they do more tests and monitor you, and if you say you want to go they persuade you to stay so that they can help fully in getting you better and finding everything that’s wrong.

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Answer by jaker
There are government programs for low income people.

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