VVWD Submits New Budget to State

VVWD Submits New Budget to State
Monies collected for debt reduction will be placed in a special account. The district's high debt and the cost of needed infrastructure improvements were two of the main reasons for … Secretary Treasurer Johnson told the board that others had tried …
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The College student Mortgage Loophole Remains A Thriller In Washington
They ended up exploring for a way to help 1000's of pupils nationwide who had been mired in credit card debt by predatory for-earnings colleges. And a team of Democratic senators identified the resolution buried deep in a federal promissory note signed …
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How You Can Hack Away at That Massive Student Loan Debt
While still a distant second to U.S. mortgage debt ($ 8.17 trillion), it now exceeds the total value of every U.S. car loan ($ 955 billion), all credit card debt ($ 700 billion) and all home equity loans ($ 510 billion). It's also just shy of all the money …
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