US city holds auction to avoid bankruptcy

The US city of Harrisburg has auctioned off thousands of historical artefacts in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy. They came from a collection of Wild West mem… – 1-866-790-8984 – How to Avoid Bankruptcy in Canada or visit: Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services 12033…
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50 thoughts on “US city holds auction to avoid bankruptcy

  1. The military complex is out of control, but thats because it employs so many. The reason Republicans pay the complex is so people still have jobs. So in a sorta way, they’re buying bullets, so people can buy bread. A Police state and Parent state go hand in hand too. They’re pretty much the same thing. The Democrats are spending more on stuff we don’t need too. Obama care is the stupid plan ever. It costs so much,and nobody wants it. He’s also using all this money on Vacation, and giving it away

  2. maybe you dont realize this, but we’re sorta at war cause republicans started one with a blank check to the military complex. you ‘re right we dont need a parent state; but i rather that over the police state we are getting by the continued out of control spending from republican backers who’d rather buy bullets than bread

  3. The American middle class, on average, own more, have larger homes, and are a larger part of the population than other countrys. I go to England regularly and the “middle class” live in tiny row houses and the VAST majority seems to be the servile or “llower” class.
    I live a good life with my own hose and several cars.
    YOU started this with your fucked up “Ghetto ass Americans!” comment. As I said before, there are ghettos in every city. You live in one.

  4. Here’s an interesting article that just popped up on Zero Hedge:

    Google ‘How Does America’s Middle Class Rank Globally? #27’

    But I’m supposed to be ‘jealous’ of the rich Americans???

  5. you said it! Why don’t they just say kiss my ass to the debt? Because their future and now their past is being held for ransom! Bastards is too good a word?

  6. My understanding is that the budget for Homeland Security is now at 60 billion..Where is the money going ? I am sure someones bank accounts are flowing..

  7. Say what?? How does someone get to George Bush?!? There are ghettos and ghetto ass people all over the world! You are OFFICIALLY an idiot. You are NOT invited to my beautiful San Diego. STAY WHERE YOU ARE

  8. Rofl, so basically they pay this mayor what is probably an outrageous salary for 30 years, and to thank them for their loyalty he spends the taxpayers money on Western Memorabilia a “museum” that never got off the ground. Talk about a city full of fools, they should have rented a local building and showcased the items at $5 a pop entrance fee. Absolutely ridiculous. But I digress since the military is probably build ing 10 million dollar bridges to nowhere across the sea…

  9. The things they’re spending money on either hurt the economy, and/or are not needed. Maybe you don’t know this, but we’re sorta at war. When thats over next year, Military spending decreases. We don’t need a Parent state. It ruins everything.

  10. democrat’s spending money on social needs=out of control spending; republican blank check spending on national ‘defense’ and spying programs granted by the patriot act and national defense act = what actually?

  11. You’re joking right? Democrats are out of control spending. They’re driving the country into the ground. Detroit is HQ of the democratic party. They run that city, and they ran it into the ground.

  12. This was probably the most stupid decision EVER, to sell invaluable historical relics to some moneybags. Like this is going to actually solve city problems.. just delay the inevitable. Bastards.

  13. there is no diffrent between the republicans and democrats!
    ron paul and his party was something new and maybe could change something in the states

  14. This is what happens when the wealthy are not taxed like they should be. The Republicans will do anything to keep the unfair tax code, even bankrupt Detroit.

  15. My Fellow Americans, Detroit is coming to a city near you in the next 5-20 years.We are like The Western Roman Empire in decline.

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