New York, NY (PRWEB) December 17, 2011

Unemployed individuals across the US have been given the opportunity for early filing requests of the much anticipated 2012 unemployment extension online. New York and Florida have shown the largest numbers of requests for unemployment extensions in the country, reports Unemployment-Extension.Org.

The 2012 unemployment extension is more crucial to Americans than most would imagine. According to, over 45% of those who are currrently on unemployment have been collecting benefits 6 months or longer already. Although unemployment numbers have been said to be “improving”, when one takes a look at the states with even the lowest unemployment figures, it is clear that this economy is far from picking back up.

Take Colorado, for example. The Colorado unemployment rate is at 8.1%, which is significantly lower than the national average. However, in January, Labor Statistics Board shows that 81,500 people would be cut off from all Colorado unemployment benefits if the 2012 unemployment extension was not implemented.

If that many individuals would have stop collecting unemployment this January in Colorado, imagine the states with high unemployment, like Florida for instance.

The Florida unemployment rate is at 10.6%, which is the lowest its been in 2 years. Over 218,000 individuals would discontinue receiving Florida unemployment benefits in 2012 if no Federal Unemployment Extension would be enacted.

These numbers are a harsh reality of today’s economic situation. The official announcement of the 2012 unemployment extension is beyond overdue.

Early filing requests for the 2012 unemployment extension are to be made at http://www.Unemployment-Extension.Org for all 50 States.


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