Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 05, 2014

One area where Denver, CO is very high is the average credit card debt carried by its residents of $ 7533. Also, Colorado students graduate from college owing an average of $ 24,540 and 53% of them had to borrow money to pay for their schooling. An even more alarming statistic is that Colorado residents have an average total debt of $ 74,340 according to

“When we saw how much debt was being carried by residents of Denver, we felt it important to analyze the credit card debt consolidation companies available to determine which ones would be best,” said’s Jimmy Saver. “What we found is that the top three are National Debt Relief, CuraDebt and Consolidated Credit.”

Of these three, ranked National Debt Relief as the top bad credit debt consolidation company in Denver. There were multiple reasons for this including the fact that National Debt Relief has already helped more than 100,000 people achieve debt relief through debt negotiation. Another important factor is that National Debt Relief offers a variety of debt relief solutions instead of just a one-size-fits-all program. In addition, the company treats its customers very ethically in that it charges no upfront or maintenance fees as does many of its competitors. Instead, National Debt Relief charges its customers nothing until it has settled all of their debts to their satisfaction and they have approved their payment plans.

“We also felt it was important that National Debt Relief has consistently maintained an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and that its debt counselors are both knowledgeable and experienced,” noted Smith.

CuraDebt was ranked as the second best credit debt consolidation company in Denver primarily because of its 13-year history and because it offers prospective customers a free debt analysis and savings estimate. CuraDebt’s counselors have excellent working relationships with the credit card companies and are able to help their customers with tax debts, defaulted loans and student debts as well as bad credit card debts. CuraDebt offers both debt settlement and debt consolidation solutions. And it guarantees that its customers will get honest, personal service and expert advice from a counselor that is looking out for their best interests.

Ranked third best for bad credit debt consolidation is Consolidated Credit. “The biggest problem we had with Consolidated Credit,” said Saver, “is that it offers only one answer to bad credit debt problems, which is consumer credit counseling. Consolidated Credit often ends up recommending a debt management plan to its customers as it definitely can help people achieve debt relief. However, a debt management plan can take five years to complete and many people want faster relief from their debts. For these people a better choice might be an alternative such as debt settlement.”

If you are a resident of Denver and are having a problem coping with your debts, you should be sure to go to to get more information on National Debt Relief, CuraDebt and Consolidated Credit.

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