This Year, Hatch a Plan to Be Debt-Free

This Year, Hatch a Plan to Be Debt-Free
With careful budgeting, Brian Brandow, of Long Island, New York, paid off $ 109,000 of credit card debt in 50 months. But it wasn't easy — especially in the beginning. “The first couple months were tough,” the 44-year-old father of three said. “You …
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Cull that credit card debt in five easy steps
“Determine how much you can afford to pay off your card each month and set down a repayment amount.” She suggests the best way to do this is by setting up direct debits that automatically go onto your card debt. SAVE MONEY: COMPARE CREDIT CARD …

Financial Resolutions that Stick: Willpower Alone Won't Pay Off Your Credit
Q: Every January I set a goal to pay off my credit cards; then every December I wonder where the heck the year went because I owe just as much as I did 12 months ago. I feel like such a financial failure that I can't get my debts paid down. What can I …
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Singapore bank lending falls, credit card debt up in December
Banks wrote a higher proportion of credit card debt during the last three months of 2014, with the charge-off rate rising to 5.5 per cent in December from 5.4 per cent in September. The charge-off rate is a measure of bad debts that had been written …
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