There's a Way Out of Debt

There's a Way Out of Debt
Climbing out of debt may seem as simple as earning more or spending less, and it is mathematically. In reality, however, it's not that simple. Freeing yourself from debt requires changing attitudes, habits and lifestyles. Your relationship with money …
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Free Book to Avoid Being Scammed When Getting Out of Debt
… laid out in this book. If someone has already been burned or scammed, this book gives a step-by-step guide on how to try to get a refund and what to do if the debt relief company does not want to be reasonable about letting you out or giving you a …
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A different multiplier
Let us assume for a moment that total debt in the economy is 300% of GDP, and that the average pre-crisis interest rate was 6%*. So debt interest was 18% of GDP. (Of course, this debt interest is also the income of domestic creditors, but I'll deal …
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