Rise of the Police State – Minneapolis Social Security Office

Today I went to the Social Security Administration Office in Minneapolis for the second time since May & I experienced firsthand the rapid expansion of the police state in the USA. Follow me on Twitter @happypundit
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20 thoughts on “Rise of the Police State – Minneapolis Social Security Office

  1. Yeah in Wilmington NC even the Social Services has a walk through medal detector and 2 sheriffs on Duty at all times. What are they guarding. There is no cash there. Its just a bunch of cubicles with social workers.

  2. Why in the world would you want a social security card for your child? All you are doing is giving the Federal Government jurisdiction over your child. Wait until she is old enough to make up her own mind on wether to apply for the slave card or not. Hopefully by that time SS (slavery) will be a thing of the past.

  3. People who complain about “socialism” don’t get it. For example calling Obamacare socialism. That’s ridiculous! We’re being forced to pay taxes to INSURANCE COMPANIES. The government will be the enforcer of the law BUT the taxes will NOT be paid to the government. They will be paid to the PRIVATE SECTOR!. It’s a “public and private partnership”. That’s FASCISM It’s a fascist police state run by the banksters!!

  4. the USA will become more authoritarian and socialist and will be renamed the USSA, obamacare is just the tip of the ice burg.

  5. Wow – I’d like photos of that. I wanted to take photos of the whole deal yesterday, but I chickened out. Next month when I go back next month I think I’ll try to get some pics.

  6. The UK is unfortunately notorious for it 🙁 I’ve never heard of no baseball caps before – I suppose it’s unacceptable if one couldn’t be viewed by surveillance cameras. We have the mobile phone thing just about everywhere here already.

  7. You make some excellent points If a person doesn’t register your children, when they catch you, you will probably go to jail or at least pay a heavy fine, and they’ll put a big check mark by your name for further scrutiny. Folks, we’ve done waited to long for any kind of effective massive resistance. They have already got control over most everything, and have the police and military trained to go after their neighbors if they are told the neighbor is a threat to the country.

  8. If I could figure out a way to get my full tax refund without registering my kids with a Social Security number I would.

  9. Because it’s not an option. If you don’t register your kids with the Social Security Administration, they will take your kids away.

  10. Sad situation, indeed… “We pay this people to tyranize us.” How silly we are! All over the world the picture is alike. Everywhere the same: weaponed bureaucrats against their boss: we the people. Principled and rational talk is no longer working with this herd of brainless leviathan´s bailifs. Perhaps more percusive tools will be required to adress this all. Other suggestion?

  11. Yeah, we’ve had this security guard crap here in the UK for quite a few years now. You also have to switch off your mobile phone when you go in there. Oh, and no baseball caps! It’s true! Next time, I would at least take the minimum possible for them to rummage through. Hold on tight, this whole thing is accelerating worldwide it seems.

  12. thats when you tell them “put all that sh*t back lawless public servant!”. just keep calling them public servant, at some point they will understand.

  13. This is so true. I was in the SSI office in St. Cloud Minnesota. There were police and a big expense portait of dictator Obama. I felt like I was in Nazi Germany.

    Gary Johnson 2012!!!!

  14. Yeah. Its only going to get worse. I mean lets be realistic. How has it gotten to this point? Most people are locked inside a false paradigm box that is painted just for them. They have their 200 channels of cable junk and their wide array of fast food to keep them comfortable that they don’t have the where with all or intellect to question the powers that be. And they believe the whole ” Its to keep you safe!” line so that their mind will not begin to comprehend the alternative. Its so sad.

  15. It’s all part of the continuous degradation of this country…you should consider more raw vegan dietary alternatives, i have a playlist called heathy living…..I personally have a big organic garden that i’m experimenting with.

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