Repayment, Settlement, Bankruptcy: Facing Debt from Failed Business
For the sake of simplicity, let's say that on all three cards, you are paying 22.9 percent interest — the going rate for a secured card offered by Capital One for people with damaged credit. If you put the $ 20,000 business sale proceeds toward your …
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Rising medical costs lead to bankruptcy for many in Texas
Even though a person's credit history will reflect the bankruptcy for several years, the credit score can climb within a year of filing. – If the medical bills have been moved to credit cards, it may be easier to qualify for bankruptcy. – Bankruptcy …
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First Person: Bankrupt and Skinny or Debt-Free but Obese?
When I had a lot of credit card and student loan debt, I felt as if I was carrying around a heavy burden. I put on about 60 pounds after college. Interestingly, I shed all of the extra weight by the time I paid off the last credit card and sent off the …
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