Q&A: i don’t want to live till old age?

Question by tyson: i don’t want to live till old age?
i don’t want to live till old age is that selfish of me i don’t want to kill my self i just want to die at a young age do a dangerous job where the chances are high. i will be all on my own loved ones long gone remaining family only calling if i come into some money is it such a bad thing who wants that.
i am not scared of death never have been never seen a reason to be.

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Answer by Cameron
Well, there are plenty of reasons not to want to live to old age. All the health problems that come with aging, your parents and grandparents will have died. But, there are a few good things with it too. You may end up with nice grandchildren; it may be possible that your grandchildren are horribly mean or you don’t have any but most kids I know love their grandparents. If you’ve made enough money, you can retire comfortably and you’ll finally have some more time to yourself. I, myself, don’t see why anyone would want to live a long, long time. What will you get out of it? You’re going to get bored with life eventually, right?

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: i don’t want to live till old age?

  1. I don’t think i will live a very long life but death frightens me. If you’re at peace with yourself & you want to live then keep doing what you are. I’m not going to give you ideas on suicide cos that’s never the way to go,

  2. they should have some real cool simulation games by the time where old id stick around just to see how cool technology gets

  3. it’s not the fear of death it’s the fear of a life not lived. people that are dying only hold on so tight because they feel they haven’t “lived” enough. although some people that die are only too happy to leave this world due to all the “living” that they had done. dying young isn’t a goal and it isn’t a destination. it’s something that will either happen or not happen. regardless of how dangerous your job is. your time is your time. and when it’s time to go. the decision will not be up to you. so live as much as humanly possible and maybe your time will come sooner as opposed to later. but who knows? no one does really. it’s all just a guessing game that is too far out of our control. so live your life to the fullest (as cheesy as that sounds) make some friends, hell, make some enemies too. it’s your life so start living it. that way whenever your time does come, you can go and rest in peace. at least that’s my plan.

  4. The only reason to die young would be an act of self-sacrifice. If you’re gonna die at a young age, hopefully it’s to save someone else’s life. You’ve got your life now, why throw it away and waste it? You’re not completely worthless, you could do something good in your life, help someone or give to the poor.

  5. You sure have a skewed idea of “growing old”! I have a loving family and I have no money other than my Social Security and small pension to live on. I am still driving OK; going to classes at the local Ju.Co. for Senior Citizens; get together with friends; write stories of my life (and I’ve had a very interesting life); enjoy being around my Grandchildren, Daughter and Son-in-law; read and keep up with the news. I’ll be 83 in a month, and my health is good. What age do you consider “old age”? 93? I’ll probably be gone by then, too. It’s been a GREAT RIDE and I’m thankful for everything! OH! and you sure have a poor outlook on your family—thinking that they’ll only call you to borrow money, etc. I would bet that your life right now is non too whippy. Make it good NOW and it you’ll make it good ’till the end of your life!

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