Question by tyson: i don’t want to live till old age?
i don’t want to live till old age is that selfish of me i don’t want to kill my self i just want to die at a young age do a dangerous job where the chances are high. i will be all on my own loved ones long gone remaining family only calling if i come into some money is it such a bad thing who wants that.
i am not scared of death never have been never seen a reason to be.

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Answer by Cameron
Well, there are plenty of reasons not to want to live to old age. All the health problems that come with aging, your parents and grandparents will have died. But, there are a few good things with it too. You may end up with nice grandchildren; it may be possible that your grandchildren are horribly mean or you don’t have any but most kids I know love their grandparents. If you’ve made enough money, you can retire comfortably and you’ll finally have some more time to yourself. I, myself, don’t see why anyone would want to live a long, long time. What will you get out of it? You’re going to get bored with life eventually, right?

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