Question by 🙂: Can you still collect base welfare if you owe for Student loan money?
how long does it take you to receive this first time and how do you receive it?

what things do you have to fill out and show to get this?
do you pick it up at office or how can you get it?

have heard it is $ 350 a month?

has the obama stimulus plan increased this amount?

have had lawn mowing business making $ 350 a week and now custumers have stopped and am out of business.

have worked jobs and paid taxes and unemployment in past though at jobs.

is this federal money and not state money too btw?

how is it differant from “unemployment”?

please explain

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Answer by Beverly
I have no idea. This may vary from state to state. I don’t know that the rules are the same in every state. Its federal money (most of it) but programs are state run.

Unemployment is a benefit that working people pay into while they have jobs. If you lose your job you are usually eligible to file for benefits. Welfare eligibility turns on proving financial need. There is no requirement of previous employment.

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