Question by Stephen Fry: Are you planning for the recession? ?
Hoarding jewellery, tins of beans. Practising your speech for the Social Security “free kids and a wife Guvnor”. Selling one of the cars, kids, kidneys?. Turning to drink?, choosing a shop doorway?. Selling your house for half what its worth?. Written out your cardboard notice
“Will write C++ for food”? Whats your strategy.

Me? I’m moving in with a friend. Now where did I put Hugh’s number?
Like it rem.
RAWR, lucky you living in Aus’ which s out of this world so you may miss the World recession
Sorry Carol, but I think your Kidleys are loverly (get them on Ebay with a few beans). However, mental health probles are no joke as I will attest and will not ake light of them. As for your debt I pray you are taking good advice as now is the time to hang on to the raft not let go.
The more you cling to the more help you will get holding onto it(Trust me, I didn’t write this alone)

By the way are all the French polished now?
Alix you are right, but heed Carol’s words. The recession is like a Truck, noy an issue until it hits you. (remember I said it first)

Best answer:

Answer by remowlms
Yes – I am planning not to participate in the recession…

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