Puerto Rico Scrambling For Answers to Debt Problems
New York (HedgeCo.Net) – There are a number of hedge funds that have purchased sovereign debt from Puerto Rico and now the hedge funds and the island nation are scrambling to put together a solution for funding the government as a default seems like …
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ECB Doubts Add to Uncertainties on Greek Debt Lifeline
FRANKFURT — As Greece mounts an 11th-hour diplomatic offensive across Europe to secure financial aid that it desperately needs to avoid a default, patience with Athens is wearing thin at the European Central Bank. That could pose big problems for …
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​Cate Long on Puerto Rico debt problems and more on Greece
Anxiety over the financial future of Greece is only building. European equities are falling dramatically and Athens' main stock exchange has fallen 41 percent in the last twelve months making it one of the world's worst performing indexes. Boom Bust …
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