Newly Released Multimedia Report Reveals the 5 Most Dangerous Investing Trends Facing Baby Boomers and How to Generate Sustainable Income in Today’s Economy, by ISA, LLC

Destin, Florida (PRWEB) December 27, 2012

A free new multimedia report introduces a never before released income investing system that identifies The 5 Most Dangerous Investing Trends Facing Baby Boomers And How To Survive And Thrive In Todays New Normal Economy. Released by Larry Raad and Jim Peterson, two of the nations leading experts in financial management and wealth investment strategies, insiders secrets are revealed to the public on how to manage private finances, grow personal income and raise necessary funds for retirement while avoiding these Dangerous Investing Trends.

This wealth management system is the culmination of Jim Petersons knowledge gained from skilful investors and from decades of making major investment decisions for both individuals and large financial institutions. explained Larry Raad.

New investors arent required to spend years of learning. All that is necessary is to simply look over the shoulder of expert investor, Jim Peterson, and view the road map he provides on each trade. Neither Jim nor ISA accept commissions or management fees or have any other conflicts of interest with private clients.

ISA provides live webinars weekly, led by Jim Peterson, for mentoring and analysing all current trades in a Model Portfolio. After a 30 day training program, it takes one hour a day, following Jims examples, to use the system to start earning an average of 1-3% monthly on investments. Larry added.

We are already in another Great Recession, says Jim Peterson, author of the bestselling book Hard Times Easy Trading. Therefore, many wage earners are losing their jobs, are underemployed, or simply unable to find work in their industry. Small business owners are watching their sources of income destroyed by lower demand, higher costs, and increasing governmental regulations.

This exclusive system provides people with an easy-to-follow recipe that details how to generate sustainable income and manage wealth or retirement funds. In light of Global Events and the New Normal US Economy, individuals who do not make huge changes and definite adjustments in their financial affairs are facing a very dismal financial future.

While this secret investing system and the methods used by ISA are simple and easy to master, it is difficult to find educational materials, let alone find anyone who will teach these methods. Successful investors do not normally divulge their secrets that are passed down from family generation to generation.

Larry commented, Jim uses the same ISA formulas in managing personal investments for his own family. In addition, Jim, along with the ISA Economic Research Team, provides expert analysis of economic forces that are dramatically changing the investment landscape as we know it. Soon, we will face the inflationary consequences of a New Normal Economy resulting from the U.S. Sovereign Debt Crisis.

In the coming inflationary or hyperinflationary environment, clients will use this system to become wealthy rather than being wiped out like so many who will be caught unprepared. Historically, this has happened many times before and it will happen again unless national leaders change course!

Jim did a review with the Basic ISA System for the year 2011, added Larry Raad, on a $ 12,000 portfolio which resulted in a $ 3,487.00 profit. Most importantly, risk limitations were established because at no time was there more than $ 700 at risk to this portfolio. Larry concluded, This system can work for anyone as well!

The multimedia report presents the following investment information:

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