Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 7, 2005

Under pressure from banks, credit unions and credit card companies, the U.S. Congress is currently seeking to overhaul the federal bankrupcy laws that would make it much more difficult for parents of Autistic children to file for federal bankrupcy protection. This specific issue surrounds the parents of these children who have been severely hurt by their children’s catastrophic medical expenses.

The U.S. Congress has been debating this new legislation for some weeks and is now preparing to hand the President this new federal bankrupcy legislation. This proposed legislation in its current form is grossly unfair to all parents who have been financially wiped out by the current “Autism” epidemic.

Parents of Autistic children, who last year discovered that their children’s Autism was caused by Thimerosal ( a vaccine additive containing 49.6% mercury ) contained in their government mandated and approved baby vaccines, will receive no federal protection under the proposed new bankrupcy legislation.

This series of events has angered parents who have been hit hard by this medical catastrophy. Under this proposed legislation, parents of these sick children may loose their homes because of this legislations lack of federal protection for these injured families.

According to the book titled, Mercury: The Winged Messenger( ISBN # 1-4184-3781-6 ) as many as 350,000 children now suffer from this medical tragedy. The U.S. Governments role and the drug conglomerates role in this tragedy has been extensively documented in this book.

According to parents, this new federal bankrupcy leglislation is heavy handed, grossly unfair and will destroy the very fabric of the principles that this country was founded on.

These Autistic – Mercury poisoned children have lost their own futures. Now, the parents who have lost these children, may also loose everything else. The U.S. congress must continue to debate these issues and to protect these children and their families who have been affected by this terrible tragedy.

The legal rights of these vaccine injured children and that of their parents must be protected at all costs.


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