New Livingston city manager acknowledges domestic violence conviction, bankruptcy
A Sun-Star review of public records shows he filed for bankruptcy and was charged with a felony about a decade ago. It remains unclear exactly what the council members knew about Eddie Duque's past or what process was used to vet the 20 applications …
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Will Congress Bar College Tuition Clawback In Bankruptcy?
The Bankruptcy Code's silence as to whether a Chapter 13 debtor can indeed confirm a plan that complies with the Bankruptcy Code — yet permitting a parent-debtor to pay for an adult child's college tuition when unsecured creditors will not be paid in …
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This is what 50 Cent's lawyers should fear most as they get ready for their
50 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 13, which is more similar to a corporation's bankruptcy than a typical individual's proceeding. If a motion is filed to force his case to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead, the famous rapper might all of a …
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