Gotta go do some paperwork at the social security office.
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Hat tip: Friday night an FBI agent confirmed to CBS 5 a search warrant was being served on the Coolidge home of a man taken into custody that afternoon, suspected of bombing a federal office with an IED 20 miles away. They made entry just after 9 pm after securing the home and making sure it was safe to go inside. The explosion violently shook the Social Security building on Marshall in downtown Casa Grande, but it didn’t injure anyone Friday morning. The blast went off before the office opened for business. Shortly after that bombing, the Feds descended on a neighborhood in Coolidge. Residents of the Martin Valley development said Coolidge Police blocked off their neighborhood and kept them out of their homes all day. They were finally let back in to the neighborhood around 7 pm Friday. Neighbors tell CBS 5 and property records confirm the home crawling with investigators, belongs to 47-year-old Abdullatif Aldosary. “He’s pretty quiet. He don’t really come out of the house,” said neighbor Miguel Pascual. It was a scene other neighbors tell CBS 5 they had witnessed before. They asked not to be identified. Court records show Aldosary served prison time in Safford four years ago for aggravated harassment against his then employer Hunter Contracting in Gilbert, and he is currently involved in an assault and disorderly conduct case in Casa Grande. “I was pretty shocked about it. Around this little town, who knows to expect something like this,” said Pascual