Question by xleex: My partner doesn’t receive any government help or benefits because I work more than 24 hour per week…?
My partner and I moved in together last September, he was unable to find work when he moved 200 miles to be with me and because I worked full time and received minimum wage and because he had never worked (just left college) he couldn’t get jobseekers allowance. He has since been suffering with severe depression, Social Phobia and Post traumatic stress disorder, however he has been rejected incapacity benefit because I work more than 24 hours per week. I find this shocking, I will always support him financially no matter what, but we aren’t married and I don’t think it is fair thta the government assume that I will provide for him. As a couple we need more money coming in or we are just going to end up in so much debt. Is there anything that can be done?
For those of you that have issues with us wanting some help, when my partner moved down he was promised a job as an assistant manager in Glasgow (he left college with a degree in business management), however unfortunately just as he had everything arranged and had moved for me and the job, he was let down by the employer because the recession struck. He isn’t just a bum that wants to sit around and never work and people that assume that of everyone that needs help are just ignorant. He is suffering from three really bad conditions and while he is trying to get better he needs some help. Trust me if it was up to him he would be working but no one gets back to him and his health is now a massive problem.

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Answer by spring_rainbows
Being married doesn’t come into anymore, times have changed and many couples live together the whole of there lives and never marry. You took the responsibility of keeping him financially when you moved in together, married or not.

If your over 25 then you can claim working tax credits to boost your earnings, and quite possibly housing and council tax benefit. But that’s it, he’s never worked so isn’t entitled to benefits based on his NI contributions only on income but the government states you earn more then the couple benefit rate so there isn’t anything you can do.

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