with a Review on Credit Card Debt Consolidation

London (PRWEB) July 31, 2006, the UK leading financial website, has released a review on credit card debt consolidation, to help people pay off credit card debt, taking advantage of the most competitive offers in the English market.

More often than not, people considering credit card debt consolidation have got into difficulties in paying off debt, putting their credit score at risk with further consequences for future credit. released a guide informing visitors how to get out of debt just by using existing financial products, such as balance transfer credit cards.

These cards are great for paying off a credit card debt, letting the customer moving the debit from a higher interest card to another with a lower rate of interest (APR). Once this was done by applying for a debt consolidation loan, but todays credit card market offers additional option with which to consolidate the debt with a competitive rate of interest rate.

The credit cards reviewed at allow applicants to compare balance transfer credit cards side by side, with some even starting from an APR lower than 5%. Comparison is done by using typical rates of interest in the UK market combined with custom suggestions for each visitor.

The main advantage of using the guide at to compare balance transfer credit cards for a credit card debt consolidation is that all the associated fees are tracked, giving the visitor a clear understanding of all the expenses involved in the debt consolidation process.

For more information on balance transfer credit cards, or on how to use them for credit card debt consolidation, visit the site


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