Meet Collection Agency Customer Service Rep – Austin

Meet American Profit Recovery Customer Service Rep Austin and learn how he got his start at the company:
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The eighth installment in Realm of Darkness’s Collection Agency pranks, this call was somewhat of a departure from the previous pranks with Duncan and Tom th…
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15 thoughts on “Meet Collection Agency Customer Service Rep – Austin

  1. You’d think that people working in a high profile debt collection agency
    would know how to speak proper English. Then again, The lady at the end we
    call Trinity, clearly is an example of everything wrong with this agency.
    She let Duncan chew her out, then Tom, and then she finally snaps on ECL,
    when she shouldn’t be answering in the first place. Then again, I once had
    somebody scream at me over the phone like that at my old job, and I just
    acted like a smartass with her. 😀

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