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Settling Credit Card Debt Often Results In Tax Bill
Settling your credit card debt for less than you owe often seems like a good solution to resolve a vexing problem. After all, the most common reason for high credit card debt is that the person was having difficulty paying off the balance while paying …
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Reduce Credit Card Debt With No Balance Transfer Fee From City of Boston
In a perfect world, you could pay off your credit card balance in full each month and avoid being charged interest. In reality, while it's never a good idea to carry a balance month to month, many people do. Choosing a more affordable credit card …
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Five simple steps to improve your credit rating
People who consistently keep their balances between 0 and 30 per cent of their total available credit are likely to see a more favourable impact on their scores. A last-ditch effort at paying off debt, for example one month before applying for a credit …
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