Franchise fee may be solution to budget problem
Doing so created a revenue source that helped these communities get out of debt, according to Peschel. Peschel also said the city's cash reserve was depleted to cover general operations. The general fund finances several different departments including …
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Do Four Blood Moons Shadow Prophetic End-Times Reality?
"A cycle of four blood moons over two consecutive years … each total lunar eclipse falling upon a Jewish holy day … with total solar eclipses between the blood moons … landing in the Jewish seventh-year of debt release … leading past 2015-2016 …
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Labrador right about debt
He's OK with it as a short-term solution to a long-term problem, the solution for which he says should be re-opening lands he calls underutilized to private-sector investments, which would generate the revenue so important to rural communities. He just …
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