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Ukraine Seen Kicking Can Down the Road With Debt Deal: Analysts
The deal appears to be a short-term solution and won't solve the problem of unsustainable debt levels. The compromise will support prices in the short-to-medium term. Price could go up to 65-70 area. Don't forget the yield is very attractive for some …
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Atlas group seeks time to pay back debt
“Many banks involved in this are looking for a quick settlement and exit while many others are looking to restructure and refinance the debt. In either case, the banks wanted to immediately have the hospital in Oman and other stronger assets under …

Fact Check: Is Refinancing Student Debt Really Good Policy?
"The average person who leaves campus today with student debt is leaving with about $ 30,000 in debt," said Jen Mishory, executive director of Young Invincibles, an advocacy group on behalf of young Americans. "That's an enormous number that's changed …
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