How We Paid Off Over 000 Of Credit Card Debt In 14 Months
He had spent the afternoon going through our finances, and our swelling credit card debt had eclipsed the $ 20,000 mark. The minimum payments on those cards had now reached the point where we had virtually no money left over at the end of each month to …
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How fast can you get out of debt?
You've decided enough is enough and you are going to get out of credit card debt. And you probably want to do it as fast as you can. So how long will it take? Don't have a clue? That's not surprising, considering you probably have several cards all …
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4 Student Loan Debt Collection Tricks
The massive student loan problem (there's now more outstanding student loan debt than credit card debt) is an anchor that is severely hampering some young Americans from starting their adult lives. Roughly one-third of adults aged 18-31 live with their …
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