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Today is a day I’ve been waiting for since the day I acquired a credit card: I AM DEBT FREE. Today, I paid off the balances of ALL my credit cards. As of today, the only debts I owe are a car payment and a house payment. The way it should be!!

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Rachel Noerdlinger, aide to de Blasio's wife, hit with 00 judgment in
Rachel Noerdlinger, the controversial chief of staff of Mayor Bill de Blasio's wife, was sued and hit with more than $ 7,200 in a default judgment last year from a credit card debt, according to Bronx Civil Court records. The lawsuit was filed by …
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S&N Debt Solutions – New Assessment of Debt Consolidation Programs
Since their credit card balances are high they continue to pay only the minimum each month. Paying off their credit card debt by only paying the minimum might take between 15-25 years. A debt consolidation plan generally only reduces the monthly payment.
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