Some simple financial resolutions for 2013
Organize your info and look at your money. All good financial planning starts here. If you have balances on your credit cards, make a list of all of your cards, with their effective interest rates and balances. Your debt-payoff strategy will become …
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Time to plan for the New Year
The next ideal step will be to talk to your lenders and try to negotiate for an amicable solution that will help you clear your debts in a realistic way. “Don't be afraid to plead for assistance in terms of reducing the rate of interest you are …

Avoid New Debt Like You Would the Plague
Secondly, you have to make a debt reduction plan that clearly spells out the dates within which you can realise this goal. Then, list what you owe and rank it according to the most urgent. If repayments are already slicing away a huge chunk of your …