Team Obama's plan to turn your kids into debt zombies
The message to every college grad will be crystal clear. Rather than going to work at Alcoa or Pepsi, you can get out of debt twice as fast by working for your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or your alma mater's Affirmative Action Office, not to …
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Debt stays with you when you leave the service
A disabled veteran has learned a hard lesson: The Army and Air Force Exchange Service will find a way to force you to repay your exchange credit card debt even after you leave the service. Michael Shea left the Army as a specialist June 10, 2010, after …

Turning into an entrepreneur? Five business models you should consider
Moreover, the risk levels are extremely high as you are solely running the business, especially as in the case of credit default, unsatisfied creditors can ask you to clear their debt by selling your personal property. Apart from this, the income that …
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