?One year on: MMR leaves many borrowers trapped in 'mortgage prison'
Clearly, then, if the aim of the MMR was to reduce the number of Britons taking out a mortgage, and so by implication reducing the likelihood of a lender getting stuck with a bad customer unable to meet their repayments, the initiative is having the …
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Paying Off Debt? How to Avoid Burning Out
In the beginning you may have a clear vision of why you want to pay of your debt but during the journey, obstacles and events can make it a little foggier. Creating a concrete representation of your goals early on can be very helpful later. You might …
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Facing Vicious Debt Cycle, Greece Sprints to Apply Fixes
“If it's clear there will be no default, you could see a lot of money flood into Greece.” But any lift would be temporary, because Greece still owes tens of billions of euros before the end of this year, and many billions more in 2016. Economists say …
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