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Newsletter Roundup
Providing the debtor with a 'fresh start' is a fundamental policy underlying Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The Bankruptcy Code and its fresh start policy do not exist in a legal vacuum, however. They do not supplant, and, indeed …
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Donald Trump's Sales Pitch
But the U.S. has always been exceptionally tolerant, in terms of both attitude and the law, toward business failure and bankruptcy. Indeed, Trump brags about how he used the bankruptcy code to get better deals for his companies; as he put it not long …
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There's a bipartisan new approach to curbing student loan debt, but it's
… thousands of individual debt obligations are transferred from one payer to the next on a onesy-twosy basis,"'s Mitchell D. Weiss wrote last year, commenting specifically about using bankruptcy laws to transfer the burden of default to …
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