Who Benefits When Companies Use Credit-Based Insurance Scoring?
Many consumers who have poor credit histories, she says, could actually be acceptable risks for an insurance company, as their bad credit “could be caused by a lot of issues that have nothing to do with their insurability.” Medical debt and job loss …
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A Sale of Thirty-Two Bitties
What little profit the Sunnyvale firm does occasionally eke out goes to paying off its corporate credit card bills. AMD took on a lot of debt when it acquired ATI, and the “debt servicing” eats up a significant portion of its monthly budget. Just like …
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The Faces of American Debt
This year alone, the average household in the United States has $ 201,288 in combined credit card, mortgage, and student loan debt. Compare that to under $ 2,000 total personal debt per household in the early 1950s. …. If all this criticism makes me …
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