H. Haskins 12-14 City Road, Bristol

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old advertising post card. "See my daddy for cycles" H. Haskins 12-14 City Road, Bristol. Agent for cycles and motorcycles.

Models. Lightweight and Heavyweight. Solo or Sidecar Outfits. Prices from £71 Solo to £95 for combinations.


Bankruptcy Petition

HASKINS, John Percival, residing at 65, Claremont Road, Redland, and carrying on business at 12-14, City Road, and 230, North Street, Bedminster all in the city and county of..Bristol, as a MOTOR and CYCLE DEALER, under the name or style of " H. HASKINS."

No. of Matter—40. of 1937
Date of Order—Jan; 5, 1938. .
Date of Filing Petition Nov. 25, 1937."

Account book of H.Haskins, Cycle Agent, 14 City Road, Stokes Croft. Includes stock-taking valuation 1903-1908, moneys owing 1905-1906 and stock-taking valuation 1908-1917. held at Bristol Record Office.

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