Ceremonia de Graduación, 2 de diciembre

Image by Servicio de Comunicación Institucional
Miguel Solana Pita, vicepresidente del departamento Strategy and Debt Solutions, Global Project and Acquisition Finance del Banco Santander; graduado en Ingeniería Industrial en la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Investors Must Be Prepared for the 'Unthinkable'
It remains interesting how markets still don't seem calculating in the consequences of the losses that would be inflicted to the “sovereigns” that at present hold about two-thirds of Greek debt (324 billion euros or $ 365 billion) in case Greece goes …
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End of the Miracle Machines Inside the Power Plant Fueling America's Drought
The Navajo Generating Station is a monument to man's outsized confidence that it would always be possible to engineer new solutions to an arid region's environmental limits. Now, 15 years into a historic drought, it is becoming increasingly clear that …
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Greek Default? What Does the Troika Really Want?
But nowhere in the mainstream European media is the Troika's 'pound of flesh' proposals and demands portrayed as unreasonable; nor is Greece's 'grow out of the debt' solution portrayed as reasonable. As the Troika continues to insist that Greece adhere …
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