In re Transwest Resort Properties, Inc.

In re Transwest Resort Properties, Inc.
Moreover, when a sophisticated investor such as SWVP helps craft a reorganization plan that "press[es] the limits" of the bankruptcy laws, appellate consequences are a foreseeable result. Bank of N.Y. Trust Co. v. Official Unsecured Creditors' Comm.
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Bankruptcy abuse act, a decade later
It was felt that absent stricter bankruptcy laws, we would see an increase in the costs of borrowing for consumers due to the bankruptcy losses suffered by creditors and possibly be faced with an overall unwillingness of creditors to lend money.
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How the Democrats became the new party of liberty
When it comes to liberty, Democrats generally favor the freedom for gay people to get married, a less invasive national security/surveillance state, greater choice regarding abortion and contraception, loosened marijuana laws, less restrictive voting …
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