If Your Company Fails, Your Credit Card Rate can Rise

If Your Company Fails, Your Credit Card Rate can Rise
When I ran your situation past Michael Jeffrey Gunderson, a bankruptcy attorney with Gunderson & Tharp in Chicago, he pointed out that the vast majority of business credit cards obtained by individuals through traditional retail banks require personal …
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Treasury 'Repo' Market Decline Raises Alarm as Regulation Strains Debt
The difference between the prices at which dealers buy and sell Treasury futures contracts is about 2/32, or 63 cents per $ 1,000 face amount, or double what it was in the five years before the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, according to data compiled …
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Correcting fallacies about Social Securtiy, Medicare
First, Congressman Fitzpatrick stated the fiscal year 2013 budget has rescued these programs from bankruptcy. According to the most recent Social Security Trustees Report, Social Security is completely solvent for the next 20 years … Second, Medicare …
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