Question by Leslie: I have asked different attys. and getting different answers.?
Is it legal to collect unemployment while applying for SSDI? My previous question about transitional assistance and only abled to collect 300 a month will leave me homeless.i was told I need back surgery,am 56 y.o.,paid into the”system” for 40 years and i am hearing it takes 1-2 years to get on SSDI has me scared. I can barely walk at times and have tried every “injection” available. Please give me some answers!

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Answer by Aaron
You should speak to a lawyer, and the Social Security agency. Do not take advice from this website, as the information here could be incorrect, and cause you to be delayed or denied.

Yes, it CAN take 1 – 2 years for the application process to go through. I have grand mal epilepsy, and by sheer “luck” I had a seizure during my interview — my application process went through in 1 year, which is “good”.

If you need to apply for benefits, do it now.

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