Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) June 19, 2008

Increasing numbers of people are experiencing sometimes major financial problems as the credit crunch bites harder and harder. Fortunately, five new comprehensive websites have been launched that present a unified solution to help overcome whatever difficulties may arise.

The five websites —, ,, and — can be regarded as a one-stop solution to the various stages of a person’s financial problems.

Terrifyingly, there were more than 850,000 petitions for bankruptcy in 2007 — 230,000 more than in the previous year. And that figure is set to increase for 2008.

In the majority of cases, people were forced to file for bankruptcy for one of 4 main reasons. The first of these, quite simply, is poor management of personal finances. Bad debt management is another prime cause of people going further down the slope towards financial insolvency – coupled with a lack of knowledge of the availability of any financial aid to help fend off the crisis and, finally, the complete clearing out of money as a result of a family crisis.

The above five websites can help guide people through these potentially life-ruining situations and help them emerge in a condition in which they can move their lives forward again.

Everyone should have a sound personal finance management skills. As such, this website that focuses on Personal Finance Management can give you the necessary wherewithal to manage your personal finances efficiently. It cleverly calls itself a ‘common cents’ guide to tapping into your subconscious financial genius to help take control of your own financial situation. There are upwards of 20 specially designed sections of information with topics such as Investing Advice, Free Budget Planner, Personal Finance for Teens and The Importance of Leverage — all helping to alleviate the financial ignorance that is at the root of so many financial disasters.

Life Insurance is an important aspect of a person’s finance and so a similarly designed site that focuses on Life Insurance is created. There is a clear, easy to follow Home Page and then invaluable links into the ‘basics’ of life insurance and its benefits. The mysteries of Term Life or Whole Life Insurance policies are explained in language that is easy enough to comprehend but detailed enough to be completely invaluable. This site, like the other four in the package, has been designed with the utmost thought.

Bankruptcy is an issue that no one like so a totally all-embracing collection of everything you will ever need to know about the ins and outs of bankruptcy — how to avoid it and how to escape it is ready for you. As well as careful explanation about the New Bankruptcy Act and the rules associated with bankruptcy there are logical, unemotional pages devoted to Alternatives to Bankruptcy, Questions, Before and After Bankruptcy, Filing for Bankruptcy, Requirements and many, many more. Not only is the information easy to access and understand, it is presented without the heavy-handed approach to be found on many similar sites and it is certainly not in the least condescending to the reader. If you are reading this to increase your knowledge, or reading it because you think the reality of bankruptcy is staring you in the face, you will learn much that will be of benefit to you.

Some of you may prefer to look at financial aid and this informative website has details of all the financial aids that are available at the current time to assist people’s personal situations. With sections devoted to Student Scholarships, Minority Scholarships, Company Scholarships, Financial Aid Applications, Attracting Scholarships and Questions to Ask — and many more — this again is invaluable reading. This site can demonstrate how your financial difficulties can be eased by having financial aid subsidize part of your bill. This is a channel many people are strangely unaware of and this website fills a much needed gap.

The fifth and final part of this highly impressive range of sites is on bad credit, which gives you the necessary particulars about, amongst other things, debt consolidation. There are more than 25 bespoke pages, with topics such as Creditcard Counseling, How to Prevent Bad Credit, Check Your Credit Rating, Debt Consolidation Program and Low Interest Loans — all advancing priceless information that will enable people to avoid falling into bankruptcy.

These five websites have been prepared to meet a growing market and they present the reader with all the details they are likely to need. If you are just trying to gather more information about managing personal finances — these sites are for you. If you are a student about to begin your independent financial life — these sites are for you too. If you are at the beginning or in the middle of a potentially crippling financial mess — then these sites are, most definitely, just what you have been looking for.

Five, separate but closely connected sites offering sound, straightforward financial advice. Too good to be true?

Not a bit of it — just check them out for yourself and you’ll soon agree.

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