Have you heard of ‘Second Life’…?

Question by ZoeLouise: Have you heard of ‘Second Life’…?
The Government is spending more than £12,000 a year on a hub in the virtual world Second Life that it does not even promote online.

A 3D “innovation centre” was created by the Department for Work and Pensions but it is not advertised on the DWP website.

Junior minister Jonathan Shaw told Parliament it cost £20,000 to build and a further £12,000 a year to maintain.

Conservative MP Nick Hurd, who has raised questions in the Commons regarding the amount of taxpayer’s money spent on Second Life, said the move was insensitive amid rising unemployment.

“This follows on from the £160,000 “Twittercrat” civil servant being employed by the Cabinet Office,” Mr Hurd told Sky News Online.

He added: “At a time when a million people face losing their jobs this year, it’s proof that the Government is literally living in its own fantasy world.”

A spokesperson from the department said the innovation was a virtual area for government and private companies to showcase technological innovations.

“We believe it could help make sharing technology more efficient and save taxpayers money as meetings, events and shows can be held online at a fraction of the cost and resources,” they said.

They hope money from the private sector will help cover some of the cost. The project will be reviewed in 2011.

Searching for Second Life on the DWP website brings no results.

Around 15 million people have signed up to the virtual world but the number of active users is believed to be in the hundreds of thousands.

People create “avatars” and the site even has its own currency, Linden dollars.

Waste of money, or a good idea?


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Answer by LB and Orina.
excellant idea, off to have a look now, let me know when all the bs on here has stopped and I’ll come back an answer some more decent questions, instead of the playground squabbling that’s going on.

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11 thoughts on “Have you heard of ‘Second Life’…?

  1. I was watching a programme about it last year, it seems kinda disturbing because some people actually live their lives through it.

  2. I was on there before it lasted all of one night I decided to go into a bar and get drunk (while sat at my computer with some cans so I could really get drunk as well) but it was poor. Nowhere near the experience of being in a real pub or bar. Then the rest of the time I was wandering around this weird land having people wave at me. I just found it pointless so I never go on there now. 🙂

  3. I have only heard of it cos two dopey people were in the paper last year because they got a divorce due to him having ”sex” with another avatar in second life.
    It sounds like the sort of thing I would neither understand nor enjoy!

  4. Wow.Really.This government are worst than I ever thought.Do they think its cool,hip and trendy?? My a*se.They’re just trying to infiltrate everywhere they can.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if you went to where the DWP were on Second Life,and a big f*ck off message came on the screen saying
    ”Why aren’t you out looking for work,you lazy b*stard.We know who you are.We know where you live…and fogret trying to cash your giro this week…you workshy piece of s*it’…Or something like that?

  5. The makers of Second Life seem to be very good at getting publicity for themselves. There always seems to be stories in the press about it, but I know of nobody in real life who actually uses it. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of the users are actually government employees and newspaper journalists. The only other users seem to be perverts who use it as a virtual sex chatroom – I’d dread to think what they thought DWP stood for.

    The money would have been far better spent setting up an online presence in World of Warcraft, which for all its faults is at least very popular.

  6. MeganJes- thanks for that as I knew I knew about it from somewhere!

    I have just one question here: why do Governments want us to sign up and play what are essentially games? More control, or am I getting paranoid?

    Probably am, actually, but there is one thing I will not do, and that is come to this:

    ” But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother”.

  7. I ‘ll be honest, the whole idea of this unsettles me a little. I read a story in the paper a few months ago about “Second Life” and how a woman had divorced her husband as he was having an “affair” on “Second Life.” Things like this are fine as long as people treat them as the cyber enviornments that they are-it worries me how the boundaries between the “real world” and the Internet can become so blurred.

  8. After watching dispatches a week or so ago that’s a drop in the ever widening ocean of wasted money by this government. They seem to be devoid of admitting they got it wrong and continue to throw money at lost causes. The NHS computer is just one of their favourites and after throwing untold millions at it, it doesn’t work. They will never admit they’re wrong.

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