Half A Payment Now Provides Access to a Range of Online Calculators for Consumers

Weston, FL (PRWEB) September 20, 2013

Half A Payment, a specialist bill pay company, now offers access to a range of online calculators and additional tools in order to help a wide variety of people to see a customized analysis of their finances. Those who visit the website can benefit from access to mortgage calculators, auto loan calculators, credit card calculators, and student loan calculators.

When it comes to biweekly mortgage, car loan & student loan payments – Half A Payment provides valuable resources that could help debts to be cleared more quickly. The Half A Payment biweekly payment calculator with extra payment calculator enables website visitors to see how quickly their debts could be cleared by making bi-weekly payments. Other calculator options on the site include the Half A Payment Biweekly Mortgage Calculator and the Half A Payment Biweekly Auto Calculator with Extra Payment Calculator.

The bill payment service arranges for half of consumers’ monthly payments to be deducted every two weeks, which means that there are 13 payments made over the course of the year rather than 12. This can help to shave months or even years off a debt in some cases, enabling payers to clear their debts with greater ease and speed.

An official from Half A Payment said: “Making bi-weekly payments rather than monthly payments can make a big difference to the duration of a debt as well as to the amount of interest paid. Our aim is to make biweekly payments simple and convenient for our customer, as we automate these so that they are deducted every two weeks without any further action from the customer. We then send the biweekly payments directly to the lender, saving customers time and hassle.”

To find out more about the biweekly payment service from Half A Payment, please visit their website at https://halfapayment.com/.

About Half A Payment

Half A Payment is a specialist bill payment system that arranged biweekly payments as well as offering access to a wide range of resources and tools.

Contact information

Half A Payment

2645 Executive Park Drive

Weston, FL 33331

United States

Phone Number: 855-425-3729

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