Foreclosure Help : How to File Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

Filing for bankruptcy will not stop a mortgage foreclosure, but it may delay the foreclosure so that payments can be made. Find out how to use a bankruptcy f…
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Filing bankruptcy in Ohio means contacting an attorney that is well-versed in the laws of bankruptcy. Find out why it’s important to work with someone who kn…
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1 thought on “Foreclosure Help : How to File Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

  1. The BIG banks are committing Foreclosure Fraud, throwing people out of
    their homes by forging the documents. DEMAND that your bank produce YOUR
    ORIGINAL mortgage note with your “wet ink” signature (a copy is
    insufficient, just like a copy of a dollar bill is not a dollar). If the
    bank cannot produce YOUR original signed note, they can be sued for the
    mortgage amount +3 times the amt. They may give you the house rather than
    pay 4X. Do not refinance – They get a new signature. FORGING.

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