Florida tomato grower, related companies bankrupt


Image by eschipul
Taken in front of the former Ernie Guzman GMC Pontiac Dealership. Which disappeared on March 6, 2009 without explanation.

Post mortem research turned up phrases like "he owed money all over town" and "never very good at business." Yet as a business man my thoughts are perhaps they played too close to the wire. Close enough the recession/depression was simply more than the business could stand. Too much.

And now it rests like the opposite of MJ, an abandoned empty lot full of graffiti. Concrete demanding an off-setting retention pond, concrete full of air. Of nothing. A tribute to a failed multi-acre business sitting on the access road of Interstate 10. Empty. Tagged. Done.

A market correction of sadness and a neighborhood blight. Boohya.

Strobist info:
Off Camera Canon 580 EX II lower left as fill by PocketWizards.
Sun top right as main by God.

Florida tomato grower, related companies bankrupt
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