First Person: I Was Ignorant About Social Security

First Person: I Was Ignorant About Social Security
A recent survey showed 29 percent of people in Generation X plan to claim Social Security at age 65. Knowing Gen Xers can't receive full retirement until age 67, some experts wonder if the generation is simply ignorant when it comes to Social Security.
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After job loss: When to collect Social Security – USA Today
For someone your age, your Full Retirement Age (FRA), under Social Security, is 66 years and 2 months. That's when you can collect the full amount of benefits based on your past earnings record. You could file for benefits as early as age 62, but you …
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3 Big Whammies for Early Social Security
Did you know that when you take Social Security at age 62 – that it's a 25% reduction from what you'd receive if you waited until your full Social Security age? Think about that, a 25% reduction. As a side note – when I explain FERS MRA+10 pension …

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